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Inspirations for Beds and Home Decor


Stellini Trends 2021 is born from the desire to inspire customers with textiles and innovative materials, in order to create original and unique projects. Creativity meets technicality in a rich collection for home decor and furniture textiles based on the latest trends.

A new tool is now available to our sales: introducing Stellini Trends 2021, a collection of textiles designed to help you discover more easily our newest trends and solutions.

Shiny surfaces, elaborated weaves, fancy yarns and printed goods: the union of colours and contrasting lines, textures and shapes playing in a mixture of styles. Guided from our new collection’s guiding lines, you will find from the simplest and basic design to most eccentric and colourful one. Be involved in a brand new environment dedicated to style, expression of inventiveness and technical solutions; everything included in a single book.

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