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Anti bed bug treatment
Anti bed bug treatmentPure & Clean


An effective treatment for a bite-free sleep.

Bed bugs likely get their name from their habit of feeding on human blood,usually when these are asleep. They can cause annoying allergic reactions such as itching, blisters or hives.

Bed Bugs typically hide in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards where they have easy access to people. But they also like to travel and will hide in suitcases, boxes and shoes to be near a food supply. Consequently, the risk of encountering bedbugs increases in places with high turnovers of guests — such as hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters. And so – indirectly – they can also contribute to economic inconvenience!


Natural Pyrethrins
serving as a role model.

Natural Pyrethrins are derived from Chrysanthemums (e.g. common daisies), and are an insecticide of low toxicity that is an important component of the plant’s defense. 

However, natural pyrethrins are quite unstable, breaking down quickly when exposed to sunlight. To overcome their limitations, scientists developed a synthetic counterpart that is more potent and stable.  Pyrethroid insecticides — such as Permethrin, the active ingredient of BugBlock —  are based on the chemistry of the natural pyrethrins.
Both work by targeting the cell membranes of insect nervous systems.  By locking these channels, the pyrethroids block normal nerve impulses, ultimately knocking down the insect.


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