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Optimize moisture & temperature balance
Optimize moisture & temperature balance Cool & Thermoregulation



Self regulation
with a little help.

Our body temperature is normally around 36.8°C.
This temperature must be as consistent as possible so our body remains in balance and physiological processes take place as efficiently as possible. This is achieved through a series of self-regulating mechanisms, such as sweating.

However, some people sweat more than others, and that can be a problem: you wake up at night, cold and soaking wet. It can sometimes be so bad that you are forced to immediately change your bed sheets and pyjamas. This can disrupt your night’s sleep and result in sleeping problems. This issue can be partly resolved by selecting mattress textiles with a suitable composition and finish.

These textiles are able to absorb excess moisture from the body and then re-hydrate the skin when it’s needed, to maintain the required cooling effect.

If we want to keep body temperature at the desired 37°, a high-quality mattress textile with optimal hydrophilic properties is essential. And that is exactly what TEMPERATURE+ offers!


Dual Moisture Management

The DMM principle relies on unique polyurethane technology, where the use of water-retaining polymer materials enables the DMM effect.

TEMPERATURE+, which is incorporated into fibres, independently regulates moisture transport from and to the skin’s surface, thereby also regulating the moisture balance and the body temperature. This technology guarantees effective skin hydration at all times, which means the cooling effect is continuous. As a result, you will never feel hot, moist or cold. And your body temperature will always remain within the optimal range.


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