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Supreme Green Cotton


What is Supreme Green Cotton?

If you want to support a sustainable supply chain transparent and carried out by Greek farmers, SUPREME GREEN COTTON is the right cotton! The focal point of this product is a fully controlled and certified quality.

The production process

The fabric we make comes from carefully selected non-GMO cotton, grown using sustainable practices on family farms in Greece. It is ginned separately in the same area where it is grown: the bales of cotton leave the ginning mill for the spinning mills, located a few kilometres away, where the cotton is spun.

A matter of objectives

This particular cotton comes from the desire to create and produce totally sustainable materials. The yarn manufacturing company, VARVARESSOS, is truly committed to environmental and social responsibility. From the outset, the company's strategy has been to work with an innovative, responsible and fully transparent and traceable supply chain, while achieving the highest levels of quality.

SUPREME GREEN COTTON yarns fulfills the highest standards, as they are marked OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class I - suitable for baby use, including the Appendix 6 that has especially been developed for companies that are particularly focused on the Detox Campaign of Greenpeace. 

Supreme Green Cotton

The stamp for an original certificated quality

All SUPREME GREEN COTTON fabrics produced from STELLINI are accurately selected and certified from the mother company, VARVARESSOS in Greece. After the approval, the fabric is ready to be used for any of your projects.


Working together for products more sustainable

Varvaressos is uncompromising when it comes to certifications, but it does so for a reason, so that they can tell their own story:

"All members of the SUPREME GREEN COTTON® family must be accredited and approved before products bearing the label are processed and made available. However, we do not charge anything for accreditation, it is a 'reward' for companies that do things the right way.”

"Our aim is not to profit from certifications, but to create fully transparent and traceable, environmentally friendly, socially equitable, ethical and economically viable production and supply chains in the EU, which are also the main pillars of sustainability.”

Supreme Green Cotton

Why Sustainable for the environment?

  • GMO free

    SUPREME GREEN COTTON comes from carefully selected and controlled non GMO cotton seeds, is cultivated via sustainable practices in family farms in Greece.

  • Water saving

    Innovative drip irrigation systems water the plants drop by drop directly to their roots, saving up to 40% of water.

  • Resources saving

    The spinning process is environmental friendly using energy from renewable sources and reusing raining water.

  • Less CO2 emissions

    The whole supply chain up to the yarn production is located within 200km by the mother company

Supreme Green Cotton

Why Social Sustainable?

Socially equitable and Ethical: Grown in small Greek family farms, using local transporters and making sure that they get fair reimbursement for their work, safe work conditions, and constant and proper education. Simultaneously, the Greek mother company is now establishing giving back programs for the local community of the farmers.

Next step is the planning of a sponsorship/scholarship together with brands so that for example a child of a farmer will be able to study something associated with their sector (agriculture/textile engineering/design etc.) and then to find a workplace in one of the SUPREME GREEN COTTON members! 

SUPREME GREEN COTTON fabric in a nutshell





Washable at 40°

Soft to the touch

Resistant over time


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