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Stellini FRECC!

In times when one heat record after another gets broken, energy and cooling are ‘hotly’ debated topics. How can we stay cool, both literally and figuratively?

Global warming and energy crises severely limit our ability to develop along a sustainable path. One of the elements that puts a tremendous pressure on residential energy consumption is the use of air conditionings. These must ensure that the entire temperature in our bedrooms is regulated in order to guarantee an optimal sleep quality.

But what if we were to cool people instead of spaces? That question was asked by scientists focusing on the ‘personalised cooling’ of individuals or the so called ‘personal thermal control’.

Recently, this research has led to the development of a unique cooling yarn. STELLINI FRECC! is a polyethylene-based yarn that provides superior cooling thanks to modifications in the fiber’s molecular structure. These ensure better thermal conductivity so that excess body heat is dissipated faster.

That’s catching two birds with one stone: while Frecc! ensures a better sleep quality, it also helps us to save on energy!

Stellini FRECC!

Cooling effect comparison

STELLINI FRECC! shows a higher thermal conductivity compared to standard textiles of the same thickness.
This reduces the body temperature faster, which in turn also saves the indoor cooling energy.


Benefits & Attributes

As a polyethylene based product, FRECC! has many additional
advantages that make it perfectly suitable for use in mattress fabrics.
Lasting Performance

Stellini Frecc! keeps its properties because they are inherent to the yarn's composition

Cool to the touch

Not only does it dissipate the heat faster, it also feels cooler when touched.


High durability thanks to its excellent strength to weight ratio and high abrasion resistance.


Retains its performance after multiple washings


Easy to recycle and energy-saving. It makes Frecc! environmental-friendly.


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