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What is SEACELL?

SEACELL is a fiber made from renewable resources - wood and seaweed – using methods that save both energy and resources.


A marine Beauty centre

Not everyone knows that seaweed has many beneficial properties for our body: thanks to the substances it contains, such as minerals, vitamins and amino acids, this small marine plant can help protect the skin from external agents!

But how does this exchange take place through the fabric? In this case, it is sweat that acts as a channel. The regular level of body moisture on our skin activates the release of properties from the fibre, which is delicate on the skin and protects against irritation, itching and inflammation, especially in sensitive skin.



The production process


Recovered Seaweed

The fibres are obtained from natural, non-chemically treated sources. In the fields in Ireland where it is harvested, only the upper part of the seaweed is removed, allowing it to regrow and thus not damaging the environment. The plants will later be reusable after re-germination, which makes the whole process more sustainable. 


Dissolving and Spinning

The seaweed is then chopped and ground together with the cellulose to produce the fibre that will make up the yarn. The process used to make the fibre is Lyocell, a method that does not release chemicals or waste into the environment – so much so that in 2000, the EU awarded it in the category “technology for sustainable development”. 



The yarn

The patented process, supervised by specialised engineers and scientists, securely incorporates the seaweed into a natural cellulose fibre.
As a result, the seaweed’s positive properties are permanently preserved within the fibre, even after multiple washing cycles.


The fabric

In the final process, STELLINI produces a fabric that maintains the lightness and softness characteristic of the fibre. The product is recyclable and combined with natural fibres can also be biodegradable.


The guarantee of certified properties

Numerous tests by various renowned institutions have confirmed the quality and effectiveness of SEACELL.

In particular, through the ABEL antioxidant test, the University of Jena confirmed that SEACELL seaweed fibre can effectively collect free radicals, molecules that are always present in our body. Too many of these bring about the oxidative stress process that ages our skin, diminishing its elasticity and reducing our immune defences. They are usually caused by external agents such as pollution, smoke and intake of substances harmful to our body, but also by a sedentary lifestyle. 

Fabrics made from this yarn can be certified by the parent company on request. 




Eco friendly



Soft to the touch



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