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Especially after the pandemic, there has been a consistently growing demand for effective and long-lasting hygiene functions from the market and from consumers. We may not realize it directly, but we can be affected by bacteria and viruses in our own bed! 

Bacteria and microorganisms live side to side with us: they prefer the same climatic conditions respective humidity and temperature, plus they continue reproducing undisturbed where there is an abundance of suitable nourishment, a.k.a. our skin flakes and sweat. 

Thanks to the integrated Sanitized® hygiene function, home textiles made from STELLINI receive long-lasting antimicrobial treatment: it makes them last longer and requires less washings.

Hygiene function for textiles


Comfort at home

Textile surfaces in contact with the human body can easily be a place of proliferation for bacteria and microorganisms, creating unpleasant odors that permanently adhere to the fabrics. Dust and allergens, mite excrements can also pose a serious risk to allergic persons. Fabrics treated with the integrated Sanitized® hygiene help and prevent their proliferation: bad odors will only be a distant memory!


Tested. Approved.

Fabrics treated with Sanitized® hygiene function are all tested and qualified OekoTex Standard 100 by STELLINI. 


The finishing advantage on the fabrics

• Can be combined with other textile finishes
• Keeps textiles fresh 
• Prevents microbial development
• No influence on thermo-migration

Same objective, different treatments

Depending on the specific needs for the use of the fabric, we offer different treatments: Silver (antibacterial and antiviral); Sanitized; or Double action.

STELLINI is a Sanitized® Partner



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