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Pure & Clean



Geraniol. The 100% Biological Component

Talking about dust mites, that’s talking about beds. Obviously. Allergies caused by dust mites – sneezing, itching, watery eyes, … – can contribute to a seriously disturbed sleep rhytm. This is why the problem must be fought at its roots: in bed.

GREENFIRST® is our secret weapon in the battle against this kind of pests: environmental friendly, effective AND hypoallergenic!

Greenfirst’s active substance is a specific quality of Geraniol, a primary component in plant oils, mainly extracted from the Palmarosa plant. Since ancient times Palmarosa oil has been known for its remarkable properties. And with a good reason: in addition to its pleasant odour, Geraniol is known to exhibit insecticidal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it perfectly suitable to be used as a natural pest control agent exhibiting low toxicity.

A Clean & Lasting Solution


GREENFIRST® treatment has an intrinsic ultimate biodegradability of over 95%.


A study carried by the IDEA laboratory proves that the Greenfirst® treatment is hypoallergenic.

Non migrating

No active pollutant is found in the treated textile rinse water: the active substance is non-migrating.


Greenfirst remains effective after 30 domestic washing cycles at 40°C on cotton.


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